Dark & Rainy

It was dark and raining outside and I started wondering what I would photograph today.  Since I had no idea, I just took a camera and wandered around the house looking out the windows to see if I could see anything.  It was before the sun would have risen if it could.  The above are a few pictures made through the windows and screens and blinds in some cases.

When I got back to my computer room I decided to also make some images of what I saw inside.  The following are a few examples.

Yes, I was a little desperate to make some images.  Maybe I’ll find something better later today, but if not, I at least made these.  You will note that I switched back to the E-M1 Mark II with the 75mm prime lens.  That is becoming one of my favorite setups along with the X100F.


  1. AK

    I’m enjoying your use of equipment and available light. I also have the Pen F and the 75mm…Its a lovely lens.