With PEN-F this Morning


Yesterday I made a lot of pictures at an event here at Homewood using my Olympus E-M1 Mark II and my Fujifilm X100F.  I found that I liked using the Olympus better than the Fuji in that I liked the colors better with the Olympus and I liked the contrast better with it.  The lighting was not good in the room I was photographing in and the differences between natural and artificial light along with the contrast changes created more work for me with the Fujifilm camera.  In addition, I needed longer focal lengths which I only had with the micro 4/3 system.

After seeing the advantages of using the micro 4/3 gear yesterday I thought that today I would switch back to using the micro 4/3 system and look closer at some of the kinds of images I like to make for my personal photography.  The above image was my first today.  I stepped outside and made a jpeg using the 25mm lens on the PEN-F.

Since I often have photographed the morning sky with my X100F through the window, I later used the PEN-F to make a similar image.  The first one below is what I made with the 25mm lens.  The second is a crop from the window image that has been up-sized.  See the contrail?  Pretty good for micro 4/3 system made through a double window.

Here are a few more images as I was exploring the qualities of the 25mm F1.8 lens.

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  1. AK

    In my mind the Olympus Pen F is a much better all round product than the fuji X100 series.