Any Camera

It was a dark, and a dreary, and a rainy day, and I had time to wonder about what camera(s) I might need in the future other than for making pictures for Homewood publications, when it occurred to me that it depended more upon what kind of images I wanted to make, rather than the camera, or the lens, or the subject.

While I was thinking about it, I also cruised the web and looked at what kinds of pictures others were making.  I then thought about what kinds of images that I could make that were almost independent of the gear (they all do depend somewhat on the gear).  I then experimented with my own images and arrived at the above style.  I made these with probably all of my cameras from my iPhone to my longest lens on my best camera.

Just thinking, if these were all that anyone wanted to make, they could use almost any camera.  In my case, I could probably make these with just my smallest pocket camera.

It is no secret that I have worked my way through lots of different cameras and different focal length lenses over the years, and that I always keep trying to move toward smaller and lighter.