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I want to get back to making pictures of Hanover and the surrounding area when the weather gets warmer; but, I haven’t decided upon a theme(s).  I would like to present a story of Hanover, but I’m not sure what that is.  I don’t really want to just wander around photographing whatever I see.  If I do another series of Hanover pictures I would like to go looking for, and photograph, images that tell a story.

All of my life I have been future oriented; but, most images of Hanover are past oriented.  People prefer to remember how it was.  Businesses try to upgrade and preserve their products.  Homeowners, at least some of them, restore their homes and outbuildings to look like they once did.  I am more concerned about what it will be like in the future; but I am not sure as to how to use today’s pictures to express those concerns.

Is the future one of more decay and empty buildings and fewer jobs, or is it continual repairs and striving to maintain the past?  Or is it something else?  I am open to ideas.

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  1. AK

    I personally think the future is more people, more housing, less infrastructure and public services. That will lead to a lot of discontent and a greater divide between those who have, and the have not’s. Your photos could reflect that (just an idea). One of my favourite social photographers is Sebastião Salgado. There is a film about his work – Salt of the Earth –