Left Behind

I am still looking for a theme for continuing to make pictures of the surrounding area for a possible book.  My thoughts when looking at these older images were about Hanover having been left behind.  I might see if that theme works for expanding out to the surrounding areas.

One thing I discovered when looking back through my older images was that I had used a lot of longer focal length lenses with various camera systems and that I generated a lot of detail or close-up views.  I don’t think I will continue using the longer lenses.  I never found a theme when looking that way and I now think a stronger, or at least different, theme might exist within the larger overall views when using normal to wider prime lenses.

I still am conflicted about a processing style, but that will depend upon the general emotion that I feel from my images if I make a book.  The style of the above images is a little different then I have used before in that it is a higher contrast color style.  I may use it, or I might switch to a B&W style depending upon which best supports the way I view the underlying theme.  Old-time B&W images look more like it used to be but doing them in color might make a better point that it is like this today.