Ground Level

Trying a different approach yesterday morning, I got down at ground level to look from another perspective.  I was just looking for bits of light and color.  If I decide that this is worthwhile, the worst aspect of it will be getting down on the ground and trying to see what the camera sees.  For this trial I used the TG-5 in macro mode and that meant that I had to use the LCD to compose the image.  The combination of sunlight and the angle and the foliage in the way made it difficult.  If I want to do much of this I should probably order a macro lens for my micro 4/3 cameras since they have articulating LCDs.

I can hear it now.  Someone is going to call the nurses and report a man down on the ground.  Seriously, that could be a problem around here and result in unneeded emergency response from the nursing staff.

Later in the afternoon, I took a walk and found some crocuses that were opened, but I just bent over to make these images.  I didn’t lay down on the ground.

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