Try Something Different


I have mostly been documenting events, activities, etc. here at Homewood so far this year.  As of now, I have photographed 6 different activities.  That resulted in over 800 pictures that I made before editing the number down to deliver.  As the weather warms up I hope to see my photography shift to outside things and result in more images for this blog.

As an aside, I see that the grounds staff is moving the snow blowers out and moving the lawn mowers in.  That is a good sign.  I hope that means no more snow.

Making pictures for use within Homewood limits my opportunities for being creative or trying different styles, etc.; but, I have submitted a few that were processed differently, including B&W.  The above image was created with one of my crocus images from yesterday.  I like to try different things hoping that it will encourage others to try something different.