Walk-About Camera


For several years, I have been looking for a small camera to take when I walk and go about my daily routine.  After trying many different cameras that were either too large and heavy or that had poor quality or lacked sufficient controls, I think I have found what I have been looking for.  I am trying a used older camera, the Leica D-Lux 6.  When it was new it was too expensive, and now that it looks like no one is going to build a comparable camera any time soon, I finally found a used one that appears to be in good shape for a reasonable cost.

I will not know for sure that it is what I want until I have checked it out under a wide range of conditions in which I normally like to make photographs.  I will turn the meta data back on as I go about posting a variety of scenes so that you can see the settings I used.  I made the following images early this morning while I was walking Misty.  It was pretty gloomy and threatening to rain.

As I post images made with the D-Lux 6, I’ll let you decide whether or not it meets an appropriate level of image quality.  The things I like in addition to the size and weight are the controls and the fact that I can use it with mostly just one hand while I carry it on a strap around my neck.  I also like the quality of the raw files as I use Adobe LR Classic to process them.  So far, I find that I have plenty of capability to both take and process the images from this very small sensor.