Image Aspect Ratio Differences

I made these several days ago.  The weather still hasn’t been pleasant and even these daffodils weren’t happy.  I am very pleased with this Leica D-LUX 6 small little camera and I am probably nearly finished with using it to make test images, but I have a few more to post in the future.  One thing I should pay more attention to is the aspect ratio.

I have been using the camera to make images in the 3:2 aspect ratio.  I then sometimes, like in the above images, crop them into a 1:1 ratio.  Since this camera equalizes the diagonal for different aspect ratios, it would be better if I made the aspect ratio decision before I took the picture since that would give me more pixels in the final image.  When I use the camera in 3:2 ratio I end up with an image that is 3776 x 2520 pixels.  If I had taken the picture in the 1:1 ratio I would have an image of 2736 x 2736 pixels.  The difference, after cropping, is a 6.35MP vs. 7.485MP image if I had taken it as a square in the beginning.