I’m working on ideas for photography projects.  One big constraint I have is choosing projects based on what is available to photograph.  Unfortunately, the themes of disorder, decay, neglect, depression, recession, decline, entropy, and death rattle match quite well with a lot of scenes around Hanover, so it is one of my ideas for a theme for some summer photography.  Entropy is a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder, so I’ll use the word entropy as the category for such images.  I first used that term in earlier years for some of my images around Hanover.  Entropy might be an appropriate theme for photography, but not for Hanover or the nation.  It also looks like a theme that has legs way into the future.

I just picked a few images that were close by to illustrate this post.  My thinking is to pursue this theme in the general area around Hanover.  I will decide later whether to use B&W or monochrome images if I decide to make a book.