A Shift in Direction

I bought a new copy of the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 lens to use on my Olympus PEN-F camera as I go around the Hanover area.  My hope is to use this camera-lens combination for the majority of my street scenes around Hanover.  The above images are from when I was trying out the use of F1.7 aperture in pretty good lighting as well as when I was trying to carry the camera in my hand without a neck strap.  The F1.7 aperture works fine, the carrying in my hand not so well.  I have gone back to a short neck strap.

I want to try this setup since it is smaller and fits in a jacket or vest pocket or small bag.  It also brings back fond memories of my trip to Ireland where I made similar images with an older version of the lens and camera.  Several of those pictures are hanging on my wall next to my computer.

My goal is to use this lens to make more images from around Hanover.  I think I have photographed about every inch of Homewood if not once, multiple times, and I need to move on to something else.  When the weather gets better I hope to walk and concentrate on photographing Hanover and spending more time at it.  While I am out photographing Hanover, I hope to work on several different projects/ideas/aspects of the area and capture the aura of Hanover as it currently exists.

I have made one post and a book of a Homewood tour of Ox Paper Tube & Core (one of their buildings above) and I would like to make other books of various aspects of Hanover.  When it comes to displaying Hanover pictures in my blog I am not sure of what to do.  I might occasionally do a short series of particular features.  For now, I’m just interested in making pictures that I can edit later into potential books.