Colors Yesterday

Just to show you that I also like the colors made with the D-LUX 6.  The first image was still in the morning and the other two were early afternoon.  The first was zoomed in and the next two were wide.  I have been leaving the aspect ratio square for a while since I like it for flowers, etc. and seeing how it works for other views.

This older, used, small sensor point and shoot camera is one of the best such cameras I have used.  I almost want to put it away and not use it just to keep it longer; but, I shipped my Olympus PEN-F back to Olympus for some minor repairs so I might use the D-LUX 6 more for a while as I walk around.

One reminder, I am using the D-LUX 6 raw files along with Adobe LR Classic to process the images, so what you see isn’t what you get straight out of the camera with jpegs.