Staying with Micro 4/3 for now

I have been thinking about trying a full frame camera and lens since I never had one before; but, after seeing what I can do with my micro 4/3 gear I stopped thinking about full frame sensors.  The cameras are too big, too heavy, and too expensive.

I made the above uncropped images with my Panasonic 20mm lens at F1.7.  I think I will continue using it for a while since I find it to be a very versatile lens.  I have been using it on my E-M1 II camera while my PEN-F is being repaired by Olympus under warranty.  The rubber pad under the thumb came off and I lost it on the streets of Hanover.  The camera should be delivered back to me today or Monday.

As I’m writing this it is raining.  I don’t know whether I will be able to make my scheduled outdoor photograph for Homewood this morning or not.  Hopefully, we can make it in between showers.

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