Just for Fun

We all have different ideas of what a picture is or should be.  Since I am limited subject wise, I often make pictures of anything just for the fun of it.  I made these one evening as the sun was setting.

There are many reasons for making pictures.  One is to document events, family life, travels, etc.  Another is to create art for sale and display.  Most of the pictures on this site were made as I tested cameras, lenses, and techniques in addition to practicing and having fun.  Now that I am not trying different cameras I may have fewer pictures to display on this blog; but it hasn’t stopped me yet.  I still will grab an image whenever I see light and shadows and colors just to practice with processing, etc., regardless of the subject.

I also stated after I first arrived at Homewood at Plum Creek around six and a half years ago, that I would try to show the residents what they may have missed seeing either because they weren’t there at that moment or didn’t see it as I did.  As time has gone by, I have photographed about everything in various ways and have stopped repeating as much as possible; but, since we have a high turnover in residents due to age, I might try and start over again, but it isn’t so simple.  I need to keep changing as I have fun.