Wavering Path


I considered getting another Pentax DSLR since I have fond memories of the several that I have owned over the years in the past.  To refresh my memories, I ordered and tried a K-70 with a 40mm pancake lens.  The E-M1 ii and PEN-F are similar enough that I had thought about selling the PEN-F and replacing it with the K-70 and a few prime lenses.

I found that they have improved the in-camera processing of jpegs and higher ISO images; but I was also reminded why I left DSLR cameras.  The mirror slap and the shutter and the focusing of the screw drive primes are loud.  I returned the K-70 and decided to stick with mirrorless cameras.

The above image is one that I made while trying the Pentax gear.  I would have been satisfied using the Pentax outdoor with quiet zoom lenses, but the Olympus E-M1 Mark II is far superior from a performance perspective in that environment.  What I was looking for was a rugged camera that I could use on the street with prime lenses, and the Pentax is not ideal for that.