Last Evening and this Morning: TG-5

As with most of my pictures in this blog, these are from when I was experimenting and testing a camera and/or lens.  In this case, I had reset my auto ISO range in my TG-5 and used it under some lower light conditions.  I am finding that I can use this camera for most anything I need as long as the subject isn’t moving too fast, and I don’t need an effective focal length over 100mm.  That rules it out for poor light use for my Homewood event photography.

By the way, these are jpeg images that have been tweaked in Adobe LR Classic 7.3 software.  I find the images to be fine for any uses that I might use them for … this blog or slideshows or in a book.  It is an excellent all-weather pocket camera to document daily scenes whether while traveling or at home, and I plan to continue to push its use to find its limits.  Obviously, it does color as well as B&W.  When using it I find the most important thing is to dial back the exposure as necessary to prevent highlight burnouts while photographing in program mode.