Exploring with Olympus TG-5


While the weather has been wet, I have been exploring to find what I can do with the TG-5 pocket camera.  It continues to surprise me with different types of images, and I have never even tried to use it underwater.  In the rain and mud, yes.  Carried around in a pocket or the bottom of a bag, yes.  Left in the car in the heat, yes.  It just keeps ticking on.

The image above surprised me.  I’ll have to try more things like this.  The big advantage of having the TG-5’s macro mode is that it opens up more possibilities for images like above.

In the following image I cranked the ISO up to 2500 in order to check out how well the Olympus jpeg handled noise when I made this image inside a dark drawer at f/2.3 and 1/15 sec.  The only tweaking other than a little straightening was to apply +26 clarity, reset the WB, and apply a medium contrast curve to this out of camera jpeg.  I have found no need to use raw files.