Olympus 9mm Fisheye Lens

I’m trying a fisheye lens.  The field of view is about 140 degrees and it has a fixed aperture of f/8.  It has a lever to make some adjustments for near (minimum about 8 inches), for distant, and for infinity focus, and the lever also closes the lens to protect it when off; i.e., it acts like a lens cap.

In the above images, I used the EVF level to try and keep the camera level.  That helps a lot with the fisheye effect.  You can see in the next image that I cropped the last image above to a 1×3 format.


Below are two close-up images which show the distortion.

My challenge now is to find some interesting uses for the lens.  Other than for the distortion, it also needs lighting suitable for making pictures at F8.  I tried LR to remove the distortion, but it only removes a little bit, and not enough to be practical.  While continuing to explore uses, I took a few more images up close.  This is not a typical use for fisheye lenses and I am curious as to how/when I might use it.