Changes in my Photography

With the latest changes in the laws in the EU, street photography could come to an end.  If the new privacy laws apply to the taking of pictures of people, or are even thought to apply by the public, the taking of pictures of people, storing them digitally, and publishing them on the web could be ending.  This would eliminate one of the favorite genres of photography; i.e. street photography.

The ramifications of this are widespread.  Street photography is one of the major drivers of the need to make cameras smaller, lighter, and more discreet.  I have already started thinking about it since in the past my favorite style of camera has been the rangefinder style rather than the DSLR style.  I am now rethinking why I should own cameras like the Olympus PEN-F or the Fujifilm X100F.  Maybe I should give up with that style and look for cameras that have better handgrips, that are large enough to make the buttons more accessible, etc.

Are these changes also going to bring about more landscape pictures, and not travel pictures with identifiable people, or will it be more pictures of common everyday things?