Back to the Pentax K-3 ?

I am playing with another Pentax K-3 DSLR and the 18-135mm lens.  The whole package is very weather resistant and is like what I once had before.  After having sold the previous ones I decided that I might get another set for outdoor bad weather photography.  I would like to do more than I can do with the pocket WP Olympus TG-5 camera.

As I am checking this copy to see if they are worth keeping, I am also trying some different focus affects.  I thought about getting a Lensbaby Velvet lens but doubting that it was worth the cost, I am trying some software applications in these images.  You can see that I have played with different amounts of outer edge out-of-focus vignetting.

I could do everything with the Olympus E-M1 Mk II and lenses but since I need them for my Homewood photography I have been afraid of damaging them.  If I keep the Pentax camera I will not be afraid to use it in all kinds of weather nor worry about knocking it about outdoors.  It is very sturdy, and I tend to think of it as my apocalypse camera.  In the past I owned many different Pentax cameras and loved them and missed them.  I didn’t stop using them until I needed a good lighter camera and lenses that I could use indoors silently while photographing events in poor light.  The Pentax is everything but silent with the noisy mirror and shutter slap.  It is also much heavier, but I don’t plan on using it in-hand for hours at a time like I use the Olympus cameras.