Why another Pentax DSLR

Those of you who have been reading my blog for years know that I previously owned Pentax DSLR cameras and lenses and then gave them up.  I gave them up for basically two reasons.  One I was searching for one camera system that would enable me to take pictures of Homewood events in poor light and that would be silent; i.e. no loud flapping mirror and shutter, as well as satisfy my other desires with my personal photography.  Second, I was searching for a lighter camera and lenses that I could more easily handle with arthritis in my hands and back.  Since no Pentax DSLRs met all of those needs, I sold them and tried several other systems including a series of Fujifilm cameras and lenses, and finally settled on a micro 4/3 system and the Olympus PEN-F and E-M1 Mk II cameras.

My micro 4/3 gear meets my needs for photography of Homewood events and activities and it is a lighter, smaller system for my walks; but, I felt that something was missing.  While I wasn’t sure of what was missing, I suspected it involved the size of the sensor.  The best way to reduce camera system size and weight is to reduce the size of the sensor (as I had done) but that doesn’t come without other issues.  I just felt that I didn’t have the aperture DoF effects and resolution that I had with previous Pentax DSLR cameras.

Recently, I purchased another used Pentax K-3 and a couple of WR lenses with the idea that they would give me a “knock-about” weather resistant system that I didn’t have, and that I would try them again and see if I regained whatever I had lost after selling them before.  Since getting them, I have been making pictures with them.  The ones at the top are examples of using the Pentax gear for closer work.  I have liked the results.

I have also been using the Pentax gear for distant shots, like for the ducks in my previous posts.  The following images demonstrate another capability that gives me better results than with the micro 4/3 gear.  That is the resolution and IQ for severe crop-zooming.  I took the picture below, handheld, from my back porch at 300mm focal length (an effective 450mm).  I then severely cropped out a portion of the bird walking near the center, and then upsized it from 758 pixels wide to 2100 pixels wide to make the second image shown below.

Based on my tests so far, I have decided to keep the Pentax gear to use outdoors when I don’t have to carry or hold it for long periods.  In essence, I have given up on a one camera solution.  I will use my micro 4/3 gear and excellent fast lenses when photographing for Homewood around people and use my Pentax for some of my personal outdoor photography as long as I don’t have to roam far from my car or home.  The Pentax K-3 has the best ergonomics and fit to my hand of any camera I have ever held.  It is also the most weather resistant for the size, weight, cost, and image quality of any camera I have seen.

The problem I now have is maintaining two totally different systems, but it is one I will deal with, as long as I don’t go overboard buying lenses for both.