My Lumix 20mm F1.7 Lens

My favorite walk-about camera-lens combination is the Olympus PEN-F camera with the Panasonic Lumix 20mm lens mounted on it.  I leave that lens mounted on the camera most of the time.  It is an ideal focal length for most things, especially when I’m out walking about since it is a lightweight small combo for hanging from a strap or carried in a small bag.  Between it being fast enough for low light conditions and its close focusing capabilities it covers a wide range of conditions.  I used it for both of the above images.

I have diverged away from this camera and lens several times as I keep looking for the ultimate system, but I seem to return to this 20mm lens with its effective 40mm focal length which is in between the normal classic lenses of 35mm and 50mm.

I have thought several times about giving up with long lenses and larger sensors, but I currently also have a Pentax K-3 and long zoom lenses for limited, special uses.  I also have my Olympus E-M1 Mk II and several zoom lenses for my Homewood photography which often amounts to a run-and-gun documentary type of photography.

For my walk-about photography I prefer my PEN-F and the 20mm lens, but I do have other micro 4/3 prime lenses.  I have the older (not the larger Pro lenses) 17, 25, 45, and 75mm primes.  One issue I am now considering is selling some, or all, of those other prime lenses.  As a minimum I’m thinking I will sell the 17 and the 25mm lenses since they are too close to the 20mm and I haven’t used them since I got the 20mm.  My next thought would be to sell the 75mm since it is larger and heavier and sees little use, but I have occasionally used it for Homewood photography.  I will probably keep the 45mm since it is a nice small compliment to the 20mm … and I sometimes wish I also had a lightweight small prime on the order of 12mm.

I only acquired the prime lenses in order to get the large apertures for low light and to keep the weight to a minimum when I only need one focal length.  If I found a good lightweight small collapsible zoom lens, it would be fine, and I wouldn’t need the prime lenses; but I have memories of fine sand getting in my zoom lens and needing to shift to a single prime lens when in the Sahara Desert.  I would feel even a lot more comfortable if the PEN-F and the 20mm lens were weather resistant.

I also keep revisiting the use of prime lenses on the PEN-F for some of my Homewood photography.  I was experimenting the other day with this setup as shown in the following images.

The 20mm F1.7 and PEN-F combo is fine for handling the lighting conditions.  I was sitting towards the rear when I made these images.  You can see that I crop-zoomed more and more as I checked it out.  I think these would be fine for some in-house uses, so I might get a little bolder in using this setup inside.  The only caveat is that I would need to continually adjust the exposure settings depending on where/what the ultimate cropped image was to be.  That is easier done with the E-M1 Mk II so I may as well use a zoom lens on it as I have been doing.  Hmmm, another reason to maybe sell all of my prime lenses other than the 20mm Lumix.