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I prefer simplicity in my images; but it is a goal that is hard to achieve.  I also enjoy making images with small cameras that many others pass over, or think they aren’t good enough for them.  I used the Olympus TG-5 to make the above.  You can buy one for $379.

While I find that it makes an acceptable macro camera it also can be used to photograph many other scenes.  Its major limitation is low light and resulting low shutter speeds in low light.  I use mine in auto ISO mode up to ISO’s of 800.  This results in acceptable images outdoors and is why I carry one in my jean’s hip pocket when out walking.  It makes for a simple easy to carry camera and I find that I have been using it a lot to make images for my blog.  The only thing I have found that I can’t make with it are pictures of Homewood activities, etc.