Photographing Small Details

Recently I have been experimenting with macro photography since I have an interest in photographing small details or small things I run across since that is a way to do something different; but, I didn’t use a macro lens to make this image.

180706-105414-18JEH-EditOne of the issues I have been having with photographing with the Olympus 60mm macro lens, is holding it steady when using it up close at large apertures like F2.8.  I like wide open apertures since they let in more light and help shift areas outside the main one of interest to being out of focus.  As you have noticed in previous posts, I have been photographing flowers while I see if I can deal with camera motion while photographing at F2.8.

One solution to motion induced errors is to use smaller apertures to gain greater depth of field; but, if I use F5.6, I needed to compare the macro 60mm lens against other lenses like the Olympus 14-150mm zoom lens that I used to make this image at F5.6, 1/80 sec, and ISO of 3200 and then crop-zooming and upsizing the image size.  If this covers the desired details, why use a macro lens at F5.6?

Obviously, there is a limit to how small I can go.  There are some things that I would have to use a true macro lens to photograph and I am still learning when to use which lens.