What does it Say?


A photograph should say something.  A portrait should say something about the personality of the individual.  I am pondering about what I want to say with my pictures.  This idea keeps coming up every time I finish trying and learning about a new lens or camera.  I am at a loss as to what to do next.

The above picture doesn’t say a lot about me except that my feet get hot and I like to wear this style of sandal and that I would like to make more images with just the TG-5 and that I like to play around with the processing of images.  It probably also hints at my dark side.

To a lesser extent, it also says that I am tired of flower pictures and have no idea of what to photograph next.  I’ll probably slow down with posting for a bit.  On Wednesday I’m taking pictures for Homewood in the personal care section.  I can’t use those on my blog.

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