Narrowed View

Another thing that I am considering with this style is going back to using single focal length lenses wide open more often.  If I stick with this idea I could pick one to three lenses and go out with the Olympus PEN-F when walking about.  I currently have Olympus 17mm, 25mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 75mm lenses as well as the Panasonic 20mm lens.  But, I still think I would like a smaller, larger sensor camera with a large aperture lens that is easy to carry.

I, like some others, have this fear that if I don’t take a wide-ranging zoom lens that goes from at least an effective 24mm to 300mm focal length, that I might miss a photo opportunity.  I am learning that if I go out with such a lens that I am getting more likely to come back with no pictures.  Since such lenses have apertures designed to keep the size and weight reasonable, they tend to capture greater depth of field than the larger aperture prime lenses.  That is OK for documentary type record images, but not so nice otherwise.

Since I am limited subject wise, I need to get more creative with my images and use a variety of apertures in order to come up with something different.  I also find that when using a fixed focal length lens that I tend to narrow my view to only look for images suitable for one focal length; in other words, I exchange a variable focal length for a variable aperture.

These findings create some other interesting dilemmas for me.  Why do I even own the Pentax K-3 with only longer, slow zoom lenses, and why do I use the Olympus TG-5 with its’ great depth of field?  Do I need them?  Not often, especially since I am moving towards only deliberate photography and not out looking just in case I see something.