Back to Little Things


I hope to shift back to using and observing the little things.  I’m going to try to shift away from the documentary photographs made with bigger cameras and bigger lenses of the flood, aftermath, etc., at least for a while.

I want to get back to using my smaller cameras and lenses, including some prime lenses.  In addition, I will try to see the little things that some others might miss.  No matter how many times I diverge from my overall strategy of trying to get simpler with images and gear, I always seem to manage to return.

I made the above image this morning with my 12MP little pocket Olympus TG-5 while I was out walking Misty.  My dream setup would be a small rugged camera that I could use for all of my photography; but, if I were to use it for my event photography it would have to have a lower light, faster shutter capability, with better image quality.