Should I Switch Cameras?

I used my iPhone 6 to make both of these test images.  The image of my calendar has been crop-zoomed and then enlarged.  Both images have been imported into LR on my computer and adjusted similar to my normal pictures made with my dedicated cameras.

I have a Fujifilm XF10 camera preordered, but I am wondering if I should cancel that order and upgrade my iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8 Plus and use it rather than the XF10 or the TG-5 cameras for an always with me camera. If I make this switch, I will probably load LR onto my iPad and use it to do my processing of the iPhone pictures.

Below are two more pictures made with the iPhone 6.  The second one is a crop-zoom of the first that has been enlarged.

I’d like to see what can be done with an iPhone 8+.

Another plus for switching is that it would give me another avenue of photography to study and blog about.  I might even get to the point where I could do 90+ percent of my work, photography, processing, blogging, web cruising, and book reading on an iPhone 8+.  I’m sure others might like to see me writing about an old man moving to join the way the younger generations work now; but, do I really need to spend any more money on photography.  Do I really want to leave my cameras sitting in the drawer any more than they are now?  I might just cancel the XF10 and not get an iPhone 8+.  How do you know when it is time to stop chasing more gear, etc.?  When is the grass not greener on the other side of the fence?

There will always be other options as well as even better gear coming on the market.  I could always follow Charlie’s strategy:  Wait and see what else is developed.  That ensures that you don’t buy anything since you are always waiting for something better.

Update:  After I wrote the above, I canceled the preorder for the Fujifilm XF10 and decided to wait longer before making any changes.