My Biggest Problem


I don’t have any projects that will generate pictures for my blog, and I have nothing in mind for the future.  I also don’t have any more testing of gear that I plan to do.  The only thing on my agenda is photographing Homewood events to generate pictures for Homewood, but not my blog.

If I had any ideas for projects for my blog that needed different cameras or lenses, I would get them.  If there was a particular camera or lens that I thought would help me make more pictures, I would get them.

Thanks to the recent flood and the bridges that are out, I can’t even take my normal route when walking.  That route along both sides of Plum Creek and along mature plants in the wetlands was where I got most of my walk-about pictures.  Now I have to walk along the sidewalks in the residential sections and they tend to be uninteresting from a photographic point of view.

Unless I have an epiphany for a suitable project to generate pictures for the web, it looks like my posts could be further and further apart; but, I’ll keep trying to make images that I can post.

Yesterday I photographed an event in the Personal Care Section, so no pictures from there for my blog, unless I can get creative with one or two..