iPhone Photography

This morning I have been thinking more about using my iPhone as my walk-about camera.  I made the above images similar to others I have made with various cameras for the purposes of seeing how well the iPhone 6 did in low light and close up.  One of these, as well as others I made, has been crop-zoomed and up-sized.  Based on what I am seeing I am thinking harder about upgrading my iPhone.  I’ll make some more images when I take my next walk.

One of the things I don’t like about using an iPhone to take pictures is how I hold it, so I also did some research on different cases designed to explicitly facilitate photography.  If/when I decide to upgrade I will get such a case and also download different application software for setting the camera functions and processing on the iPhone.  I processed the above with LR CC on my computer after I transferred the pictures from my iPhone to my computer.