Muskrat with Pentax DSLR


I took a short walk this morning looking for something to photograph with the K-3 and 55-300mm lens.  I stood by the creek and waited a bit until I saw this Muskrat cutting grass on the shore.  When it jumped in the water and swam past me I took the above picture, but it was the last one since as soon as the mirror slapped it heard me and dove.  I was using the DSLR since it was threatening to rain and also since it has my longest lens.

Since I got the Fujifilm X-E3 I have been thinking about how I’m going to reduce the number of cameras and lenses I now have.  The primary issue is what is the longest focal length that I need?  Mainly, my concern is for my Homewood photography in which I don’t use the Pentax DSLR due to the noise of the mirror.  I primarily got the Pentax for wet weather, but how often will I use it that way?  It was handy during the flood and I have used one when it was snowing before, but will it get used enough to justify keeping it?  Probably.