Bridge to Nowhere

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This is the bridge, that was across Plum Creek down by the dog yard, that was washed downstream during the recent flood.  I have posted pictures of it before, but someone recently asked me if it had been removed yet.  It hasn’t since it has been too wet to get a crane up to it.

None of the bridges have been repaired or replaced and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took at least a year, maybe more.  The bridge that was across Plum Creek at the upper end near the garden is still sitting in the road on Plum Tree Lane near Villa 677 where it was moved after the crane lifted it from the culvert where it had lodged.

I expect they have to get new designs and permits and then let a contract to build new abutments, set the bridges, and rebuild the paths leading up to them.  Most likely, they will raise the bridges higher and anchor them in concrete so that they don’t wash out as easily.  They might even choose to replace the wooden bridges with lower maintenance versions.


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