Tour of Casket Manufacturing

The Homewood at Plum Creek Men’s Group toured the Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions casket manufacturing facility in York Pennsylvania.  For over 85 years, the Matthews York facility (formerly known as York Casket) has produced all-wood, and wood veneer, caskets that are second-to-none in the industry. These superior products are manufactured and distributed to funeral homes located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We had an excellent tour of the process from raw boards arriving from local wood lots, to drying in multiple kilns, to machining and construction of all types of wood caskets from simple pine boxes to the most elaborately finished oak, walnut, pecan, and mahogany caskets.

The above pictures are just a sample from what I made on the tour.  Other than being impressed with the variety and quality of the work that goes into making caskets, something else most impressed me and overwhelmed me.

I have never seen a greater waste of top-quality lumber being machined and finished into such beautiful products just to be buried.  In my opinion, it’s an extravagant waste!  The results of the lovely workmanship of such valuable resources should be items that can be displayed, touched, and admired for years and years.