Clarksburg Casket


While touring the casket factory in York the other day I noticed a casket with this label, and I was curious why it was there.  It is a short story but covers a long time period.  It took some digging to get close to the reason.

I was born and raised in Clarksburg, WV.  The Clarksburg Casket Co. opened in the early 1900s nearby.  Around 2000 it was bought by Aurora Acquisition Corp. and in 2003 they moved the Clarksburg Casket operations to Bristol, Tenn. and consolidated it with Cortrim Hardwood Parts Co.  Sometime around 2008 there was a fire that destroyed the Aurora casket facilities in Tenn.  I’m not sure when, but recently, Matthews International acquired Aurora so I guess some of the elements of the Clarksburg operations have now made it to York, PA where I saw the casket inside the Matthews facility.  I asked if that was a model name and was told, no, it is where it was made (?).  That is all I have learned so far, but I’m guessing that the wood casket operations have moved to York, PA.  I’ll amend this post if I ever learn anymore.