Time Moves On


I want to go back in time for the future.  At one time I had Fujifilm cameras and lenses, both prime and zoom lenses.  I sold them because I couldn’t afford to buy or hold or carry them with long focal lengths and I thought that I had to go longer in order to increase my opportunities to make images.  I replaced my Fujifilm gear with micro 4/3 cameras and lenses so that I could obtain and use longer lenses.  I found that helped, for a while, but not enough.  In addition, I found that I liked the image quality of the Fujifilm images better.

For a while, I will have a foot in two systems, Fujifilm and Olympus.  What I desire to do, for several reasons, is to move as much of my photography as possible to a few Fujifilm prime lenses.  I don’t know how much I can do without long focal length zoom lenses, but I intend to find out.

I am going to sell all of my Pentax DSLR gear that I have been using with long focal length zoom lenses, and then, for a while, use my Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera with zoom lenses for the times when I need a longer focal length.  If I am successful, I hope to not use the longer focal lengths very much.  I will force myself to see how much I can accomplish with the Fujifilm 23, 35, and 50mm F2 prime lenses.  The real change will be documenting activities here at Homewood without using longer zoom lenses, but I am going to try.  Yes, there will be things I can’t photograph like distant wildlife, etc.; but, there isn’t as much of that around these years.

I’ll wait and see how it goes with not having longer focal lengths.  If I find they are necessary I will have two options.  Keep and use the Olympus system with longer focal length zoom lenses or acquire a longer Fujifilm focal length lens and not carry it far or often.

As I plan for the future I want to position myself with less gear.  I prefer to go as small and light as I can but with as much image quality as I can manage.  I think that will be with the Fujifilm system.  For the initial period going forward, I will be using my Fujifilm X-E3 and the 23, 35, and 50mm F2 lenses.  If this works I will acquire another, weather resistant, Fujifilm camera and work with two cameras and these three lenses and sell the micro 4/3 Olympus and Panasonic gear.