Nothing But

This is nothing but a test.  The Fuji 50mm F2 lens arrived yesterday and I was trying it.  All of the above images are raw files processed in ACROS in LR.  They were all made at F2 aperture in auto ISO with the top of the range set at 6400, and several of these were at 6400.  I applied no noise reduction or altered the images except for a crop in one and resizing them and converting to jpegs for my blog.

This lens and the settings are my setup of choice for a lot of my personal photography, but my problem is finding suitable compositions.  I am considering using this setup on the streets of Hanover this fall as well as for a more serious dip into a project that I would like to do with hands.

I’m hoping to be able to use this lens at F2 for the majority of my personal photography and only switching to the 23mm and the 35mm lenses for some of my tour and event photography in color, but it will take time to see if that works out.  I have nothing against color, but I have found that using B&W creates a more unified set of images that were made of disparate colorful compositions.