Cropped Images with 50mm F2 Fuji Lens

All of these images were made on a walk when I was trying the 50mm lens at an aperture of F2 outside.  I was using the electronic shutter and the X-E3 was able to handle the exposures … sometimes with shutter speeds as high as 1/23,000 sec.  I sure didn’t have to worry about motion of the wind-blown flowers or of camera shake.  This camera/lens combination has no image stabilization so higher shutter rates are desirable.  I wanted to use F2 aperture in order to minimize the depth of field (DoF) and to get a feel for the DoF with this lens.

In addition, all of these images are crops of the original.  One of my intended uses for the 50mm lens is to be able to photograph details without bending my back too much.  The 50mm focal length gives me more reach so I don’t have to get as close, but it still isn’t enough, so I wanted to try cropping.

Needless to say, I’m loving this lens on the Fuji X-E3 camera.  It makes a nice size package for carrying and I can handle it with one hand.