Still Have Simplification Issues


My desire is to only use my two Fujifilm cameras, the X-T2 and the X-E3, with prime lenses.  Is it limiting?  Of course it is.  But, I want to simplify and minimize my photography gear.

I have started to try this approach, but I still have my Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera and a drawer full of prime and zoom lenses for it.  I will wait for a while to see how I manage before I sell the Olympus system.

My biggest problem with my personal photography is finding things to photograph.  I’m not concerned about the focal lengths as much as I am about the lack of things to photograph since I have that problem regardless of what camera or lenses I have.  It may mean I make fewer pictures and blog less in the future.

I am not sure about my photography for Homewood publications, etc.  It will be a lot harder to continue with the same events as I photographed them in the past with fast long zoom lenses if I only have prime lenses.  I am still exploring how many of them I can do with prime lenses, but I might need to get longer fast zoom lenses for some events if I wish to go with an all Fujifilm system.  If so, that adds complexity, weight, size, and cost.

For some indoor events where I don’t move around much, I can also try using two Fujifilm cameras with a different prime lens on each, but that means I can’t use a cane.  That works if I’m not having any problems but is not a solution if I’m outside walking, or if I have a problem.