With a Fujinon 55-200mm Lens

I used a Fuji 55-200mm zoom lens at 200mm focal length to make these images.  I had just gotten the lens and was trying it out when I made these.  I finally decided to get this longer zoom lens since I have some events that I photograph that require focal lengths beyond the reach of my longest prime lens which is only 50mm.

I’m still checking, but I also made some low light images at ISO 12800 with the X-T2 and this lens and I was amazed at the quality of both jpeg and raw files.  I’ll have more to say about that after I use this setup to make some indoor pictures in the Omni room.

I like the quality of this lens, but I doubt that I will be walking around much with it due to its weight.  My intentions are to mostly use it for events that are in one location that I can drive to.

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