Higher ISOs with Fujifilm


I have shifted to using higher ISO settings for my photography with Fujifilm cameras and lenses.  The one above was at ISO 10,000 and f/2 and 1/125 sec.  I have set my auto ISO setting to an upper limit of 12800 with my preferred minimum shutter speed at 1/125 sec. in order to help keep my shutter speeds up when photographing activities here in Homewood at Plum Creek, which is about the only pictures I make anymore.  If I’m not photographing life around here, I’m practicing and testing different settings with flower pictures here on campus.

I was checking my photo library this morning and noticed that of 5500 photos I have made so far this year only 200 were not made either in Homewood at Plum Creek, or while on Homewood trips.  The 5500 doesn’t count all of the many images I have made and trashed as I tried different things, compositions, etc.

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