Fuji 18mm at ISO 12800


As I have been thinking about reducing the number of cameras and lenses I have mostly been thinking in terms of image quality and duplication of gear.  What I haven’t thought as much about is what would I like to do differently in the future and how that might affect my choice of cameras and lenses.

After I moved to Homewood and stopped traveling internationally, I mostly photographed with longer focal lengths since I found that doing so opened up opportunities to make more images of wildlife, flowers, and details of things around me.  It also enabled me to make images that I could use on my blog.  Now that I have done that for many years, I’m tired of that style of photography and I would like to shift away from long focal lengths.  I would like to change.

I would like to use wider focal lengths to make images, like the one above using the Fuji 18mm lens.  I made the above as I was getting more familiar with the 18mm focal length at f/4 and higher ISO setting of 12800.  The above was a raw file that was only converted to a jpeg with a slight exposure adjustment and resized for use in this post, i.e., no noise reduction added.  From a technology standpoint, I would like to make more images using higher ISOs with 18-55mm focal lengths.  From a compositional standpoint, I would like to make more lifestyle images of happenings around where I live.

If I do this, I could use the Fujifilm X-T2 with the 18-55mm zoom lens for faster changing events and use the X-E3 with my prime 18, 23, 35, and 50mm F2 lenses for my personal and event photography when I have the time and don’t need to change focal lengths quickly.