Dead Bird with TG-5


This is an excellent example of why I am keeping and carrying the Olympus TG-5 camera when I take a walk.  Not only is it small and pocketable, it is handy for recording things I see and does an excellent case of recording details in the macro mode for such a small sensor.

If I were doing this image over, I would try to change the angle so that all of the bird had the sidewalk in the background; but, that was hard to do since the sun was reflecting off of the LCD and I couldn’t see the details of the composition.  That is the major shortcoming of the TG-5, it has no EVF.

For those who don’t like my monochrome images, there was a good reason for showing this image in monochrome.  The bird had no color, but the fire hydrant and the green trees overwhelm the image in color.  Color draws your eye to the distant blurred scene, and that was not the reason for displaying the image.  I made other images on the same walk that I’ll show you later in color since color worked best for them.

One comment

  1. Adrian Lewis

    Interesting to find another photographer using the TG-5. I’m currently using one for a project walking in the suburbs of south Bristol, UK. As you so rightly say, highly pocketable – tho I’m no longer in the full blush of youth, and so don’t get right down on the ground with the TG-5 like you do – my joints tend to creak a bit! Certainly a very useful camera, having Raw capture is a real bonus, though I do miss an EVF or a tilting screen. Adrian 🙂