Closer with Shrinking DoF


I have been experimenting some more with ways to decrease the depth of field (DoF) while using the Fuji 18mm lens with the addition of a +5 macro conversion lens.  I used it to make the above image.

Adding a macro conversion lens on to the front enables the lens to focus closer to the subject.  The following images show this affect.  I made a picture of the lens hood with the 18mm lens at its normal closest point of focusing at an aperture of f/2.  The second is the same picture with the conversion lens added to the 18mm lens made at its point of focus.  You can see how much closer it focuses as well as how the DoF shrinks.

I have found this conversion lens of use with some other lenses for making macro flower images, and now I’m looking for other uses during the coming winter when there are no flowers.

As Kirk says, B&W adds a bit of fiction to an image; but I also like B&W along with reduced DoF to help add a bit of mystery to the picture.  Kirk wants camera manufacturers to add enhanced B&W profiles to the cameras, but I prefer using software to do it rather than embed it in the camera.  I used the LR CC ACROS calibration to make these images.