Still Wishing to Simplify More

While I have some very good cameras and lenses and use them to photograph events and activities here at Homewood at Plum Creek where I live, I also like the challenge of seeing what I can do with less.

I really like using only the TG-5 pocket camera and making images of whatever I see around me.  I like only needing to carry a small pocket camera.  I like photographing the mundane scenes and then seeing what I can make with them.  I like using a small sensor camera that others wouldn’t even think of doing.  I like using it at higher ISO values that others say are far too noisy.  The last two above were at ISO 2500 … are they too noisy?  I like just using out-of-camera jpegs and then adjusting them in LR CC.  I like making sepia monochrome images that more closely resemble old time images.

But, I like making lots of pictures and I like good image quality and gear that I can use under a wide variety of lighting, etc., and that means I like more than I can get from the TG-5.  It adds to the fun, but it alone isn’t sufficient.  I love the image quality of my Fujifilm cameras and lenses … if only they fit in my pocket.

Later today I will be using my Fujifilm gear to photograph a function here at Homewood, so I’ll be busy doing that today and then processing them tomorrow.  It will be a challenge of a different kind.  I might be using a variety of zoom and prime lenses, but I won’t know until it happens.

As I have switched back and forth between cameras and lenses, I keep finding that I would prefer one camera and one small lens, if only they were small and fit in a pocket.  Since that doesn’t seem likely to happen, I am back to revising my likes, desires, etc. and still trying to find the best compromise.  Will I ever find one camera and one lens that does it all for what I need?  Not likely.  Would I be able to alter my photography to what I can do with less gear?  Might be more likely.