Behind the Scenes

We had a very nice, new and different type of event the other night here at Homewood that required a lot of shuffling around behind the scenes as well as many differences in room layout, etc.  I took pictures throughout one of the shows and I’m still in the process of working up those images as I get ready to deliver them to the staff.

In addition to the pictures I’m making for Homewood, I managed to get a few from behind the scenes.  As I was editing my images I thought it might be fun to work some of these up differently and show them in my blog.  Hopefully I’ll also have some of the final images to present in this blog after I finish and deliver them.

In the process of getting the images I made seven trips up and down the stairs and walked 1.7 miles inside.  With all of the changes I had some difficulties getting the pictures and ended up using two cameras and four lenses.  The lighting was low and that presented some major obstacles.