Photography Update


This post is for the photographers who are wondering how I am doing with my desire to shift away from the bigger, heavier zoom lenses.  I used the 18-55m zoom lens for this image as I was experimenting with photographing the campus and getting a better feel for needed focal lengths.  While the 18-55mm zoom lens worked fine for the photos I made during that walk, I have only used primes on subsequent walks for similar images.

When I made the big band pictures I used a variety of prime and zoom lenses.  As it turned out, the 18-55mm zoom lens worked OK in the bright dining room, but neither it nor the 55-200mm lens worked well in the Omni room under much darker conditions.  I made a few images at 200mm but at ISO 12800 they didn’t look very good and I had a lot of trouble obtaining auto focus.  I ended up using the 18mm F2 and the 50mm F2 lenses for most of the show pictures.  Since that venue was different from my normal conditions, I may try the zoom lenses again under other conditions, but I am becoming surer that I will likely use my faster prime lenses for the vast majority of my photography of Homewood events, etc.  Using prime lenses on both of my Fujifilm cameras makes my life easier from a weight & size perspective.  I also like the challenge.

Due to lighting and my lens focal length limitations, I might try sitting in the front row at events and hopefully not ending up with microphones, music stands, etc. blocking the performers; but I will sometimes be presented with another focal length issue … not having a wide enough lens.  To remedy that, and some other issues I have photographing inside architecture, etc. I am trying a 14mm F2.8 prime lens.  The one issue I can’t address with different lenses is the need to get up and move around and not get in front of the residents in order to capture different perspectives and photograph both the audiences and the performers.  My previous use of longer zoom lenses with my micro 4/3 gear (all now sold) enabled me to make images that focused on the performers and smaller details rather than the residents.  That is one thing I will probably change and try to focus on the audience and the essence of the event rather than the performers; thus, making better use of wider prime lenses.