Winter Photography with TG-5

As the winter approaches I am thinking about what and how to photograph, so yesterday morning I decided to use the TG-5 to refresh my thoughts about how to best use it and think about its’ potential for the winter.

I used the TG-5 to start documenting my day.  I started with my first cup of coffee in the morning, through my walk with Misty before the sun crossed the horizon, to photographing Marcia and Misty through the car window as they went in to leave Misty for her grooming, and then a few images inside my home after returning.

My conclusion was confirmation of the fact that it makes a great little pocket camera for documenting one’s day, even in low light, if there is a reason to do that.  While the camera is OK, I still need a reason for using it where its disadvantages (image quality) are overcome by its advantages (small size).  I just need to go someplace interesting that I wish to record.  Since that isn’t likely, I’ll be mostly using it to make pictures of the snow, etc. through the windows.

The TG-5 has other advantages for me.  I have problems with my fingers turning white and cold and numb, even when I’m inside.  It is a year-round problem that gets worse as the weather gets colder and I am already really finding it very uncomfortable.  I have tried lots of gloves and mittens and they help but don’t solve the problem and they all make using any camera more difficult.  I have found that it is easier and better for my fingers to just keep the small TG-5 and my hands inside a pocket and then take them out briefly to take a picture.

The big problem is finding something worth photographing.  I rarely photograph something new and photographing the same things over and over isn’t very satisfying.  I will continue to have requests to photograph for Homewood with my better cameras, but that doesn’t generate many images or topics to write about for my website.   In addition, I have no immediate plans to buy or try anymore cameras, nor play much with different processing or techniques, so I fully expect to see a potential drop-off in displayed pictures and posts.