Colder Weather

Have I ever said, “I don’t like colder weather”?  I’m really not looking forward to winter, especially when it is cold and WINDY.  Such winter weather puts quite a crimp on my walking and outdoor photography.  For the above, that I made a day or so ago, I just ran out in the front yard and made a few snaps of the frost and ran back inside.

Occasionally I think about ceasing all outdoor photography and not even attempt to look for pictures in the winter, but that won’t happen.  What will happen, if I keep walking, is that I will walk in the halls of the Community Center and look for images there more often.  It will also mean that I’ll switch to using the 18mm F2 lens more often.  I made the ones below inside our Villa this morning.  I needed something to work on for a slightly tweaked, warmed up Acros style.