Fuji 55-200mm Lens with ACROS Indoors

I haven’t been using my Fuji 55-200mm lens much but after Mike on TOP asked about it, I decided it is time to get the lens out and use it.  The above is a collection of images I made with it.  The lens is great outdoors in good light, but I have a need for it indoors in a lot less light.  The last image is a crop of a section of my bookcase.  It was made at an ISO of 12800, 200mm, f/4.8, and 1/70 sec.  The image stabilization works great and it focuses OK if you start out wider and then work your way into 200mm as long as the subject being photographed isn’t moving around.

I realize many of my viewers don’t like monochrome, but I’m still working to see what kinds of images I prefer it for.  It is based on using raw files, ACROS calibration in LR Classic, with added split toning, a medium tone curve, some clarity, and a little vignetting.