In the Midst


Homewood at Plum Creek is in the middle of putting on a series of Music & Comedy Shows.  I have been making pictures but haven’t finished processing them or delivered them yet.  The final show is on Monday evening and I haven’t decided whether I need to go back to get more pictures.  The image above is a crop from one of the behind the scenes pictures as the performers were gathering and getting ready for a performance.

While I’m in the midst of working on the show pictures I have also been finalizing my thoughts about the Panasonic LX10 camera that I have been using for the previous posts.  The LX10 is a fine camera but I’m realizing that I prefer working with my Fujifilm cameras even if they are larger and not pocket size.  By the end of today I will probably decide to return the LX10 and to maybe even sell my other two pocket cameras and to photograph exclusively with Fujifilm cameras for now.